Power Distribution Post Holder – Dual Small Base

Easily fasten 2 small base power posts to a static location. Center divider keeps terminals safe from shorts when installing or servicing connections. Raised platform base lets moisture escape and allows for easy replacement of power posts.

  • Compact, convenient system to mount 2 single point power posts
  •  Compatible with all VTE 770 Series (small base) power distribution posts
  •  Provides option for power posts with dissimilar stud sizes
  •  Raised mounting platform reduces the risk of trapped moisture
  •  Safety divider reduces the risk of shorts and arcs during installation and/or service
  •  Power Posts can be unscrewed from holder and replaced
  •  Holder fastened by 4 machine screws
  •  956 Terminal Insulator (sold separately) to help comply with various industry safety standards
  •  770 Series (small base) power posts sold separately
  •  Kit includes (10) #10 x 1/2″ combo pan head sheet metal screw – zinc plated, GFN base and divider
Part NumberAvailabilityDescriptionTypeCategory
72770000StockedDual Small Post Mounting Plate AssemblyAssembly1 Point Small
72770000X1Dual Small Post Power Point BaseAssembly1 Point Small