Thru Panel Power Posts

1 Point Pass Thru Power Post: Thru panel power posts allow for extension of power lines, while also allowing for current to pass through a panel. Posts are available in 5/16″, 3/8″ and 8mm.

1 Point Pass Thru Waterproof Power Post:
Waterproof version of our Pass Thru Power Posts. Uses gaskets & O-Rings to seal out water and dust. Test above IP67.

Copper Core Power Bushings: A great, low cost way to pass high current through a panel. VTE uses a highly effective manufacturing technique to keep labour costs down as well as using the right choice for materials in the conductivity and fastening roles. These two aspects keep the performance high while keeping the end cost down.

Internal Thread Copper Core: Newly developed Internal Thread Copper Core marks our first waterproof power bushing. IP67+

Copper Core Flange Bushings: Our Copper Core Flange Bushing utilises the same copper core as our CCB above, to pass current through a panel. The bushing is fastened by 4 screws or bolts and has insulator retention grooves to provide a secure fit for terminal insulators on both sides.

Copper Core Jumper Bushings: More beefy than our APC, the Copper Core Jumper Bushing is a big brother, offering much higher amperage for charging and jump starting devices. Designed with a high current transfer core, our CCJB can pass up to 350 amps @ 12vdc. A fastened cover protects the connections when the jump start connector is not being used.

Copper Core Jumper Kits:
Flush Mount Kit – This kit is used when the panel is existing, and the customer will create the mounting holes themselves. This kit includes (2) bushings (red & black), (1) protection divider w/ screws, and (1) installation template (decal).
Bracket Mount Kit – This kit is used for mounting the bushings adjacent to existing panels. This kit includes (2) bushings (red & black), (1) pre-drilled mounting bracket and (1) protection divider w/ screws.