Terminal Insulators


The 200 Series enjoys a long and popular history. Cost effective and efficient, this line works for many applications, and helps your products comply with industry safety standards. Available from 12mm to 34mm terminal widths, the 200 series has solutions for most applications.


VTE’s Lug & Ring Insulators offer a wider variety of lug and ring protection. Our lug and ring insulators offer solutions to more specific applications than the 200 Series insulator line. These insulators are available in several different sizes, shapes, materials and colours, providing specific solutions to your exact needs.


Battery Terminal Insulators work on a large range of battery terminals. We offer 19 unique solutions to battery terminal insulation. VTE offers solutions in single and multiple cables, as well as various sizes of cabling, materials, and colours.


Our L-Post Insulators work on several versions of the L-post or Flag type battery terminal. Several insulator types offer protection in various sizes , and have various entry types, for numerous applications. The L-Post insulators are available in several materials and colours.


Our Adapter Terminal Insulators work on a range of terminal connectors. These insulators work on battery connections where cables may be detached from the battery terminal. VTE offers a wide range of insulators for various applications.


Our Specialty Insulator line covers one-off and oddball insulators. We offer simple solutions for many unique situations, such as power connectors, odd battery types, and other unusual connections. Some of our specialty insulators are used in other assemblies, while some insulators are very specific to an industrial need.