T-Class Fuse Holder

Secure your Class T Fuses with VTE’s Class T Fuse Holder.

  • Cost effective solutions for securing Class T fuses and cabling
  •  Fuse holder will accommodate 225a to 400a fuses
  •  Class T Fuse Holder Max Amperage: 400 amps @ 12 vdc
  •  Holder Voltage Rating: 48vdc
  •  Class T Fuse Kit includes fuse holder, washers, bolts.
  •  Optional Cover NOT Included
  •  Class T Fuses NOT Included
  •  3/8″ (approx: 10mm) stud accepts lug / ring terminals up to 4/0 AWG (103mm2)
  •  Base Material : Red or black glass-filled nylon
  •  Optional insulating cover: 751N8P00 protects conductive areas from accidental shorts, complying with ABYC / USCG requirements
  •  Connection Bolt Material : Stainless Steel

Part NumberAvailabilityDescriptionTypeCategory
TFB730002T-Class Fuse Holder Kit: Red, 300AAssemblyT-Class
TFB730014T-Class Fuse Holder Kit: Black, 300AAssemblyT-Class
TFB735N0N02StockedT-Class Fuse Holder Kit: RedAssemblyT-Class
TFB735N0N14StockedT-Class Fuse Holder Kit: BlackAssemblyT-Class
TFB735N8N02T-Class Fuse Holder Kit: RedAssemblyT-Class
TFB735N8N14T-Class Fuse Holder Kit: BlackAssemblyT-Class
TFB740002T-Class Fuse Kit Holder: Red, 400AAssemblyT-Class
TFB740014T-Class Fuse Kit Holder: Black, 400AAssemblyT-Class