Pass Thru Power Posts – 1 Point

Pass Thru Panel Post is designed to pass current through a panel, but these power posts also distribute power to multiple locations. Our marine version resists corrosion by utilising nickel plated brass posts and stainless steel fasteners.

  •  Pass current through a panel
  •  Used to connect two or more voltage lines
  •  Hook up negative return lines to single cable
  •  Marine Version: Resists Water Corrosion Nickel plated brass post
  •  Tin plated brass conductive nuts
  •  Stainless steel torque fastener nuts
  •  Base Material: Glass-filled nylon
  •  Available Colours: Red & Black
  •  Max panel thickness: 9.53 mm (3/8″)

Part NumberAvailabilityDescriptionTypeCategory
77208N02StockedPass Thru Post, 8mm, RedAssemblyPass Thru
77208N05Pass Thru Post, 8mm, YellowAssemblyPass Thru
77208N14StockedPass Thru Post, 8mm, BlackAssemblyPass Thru
77208XN02Pass Thru Post, 8mm, Red, No FastenersAssemblyPass Thru
77208XN14Pass Thru Post, 8mm, Black, No FastenersAssemblyPass Thru
77210N02Pass Thru Power Post, 10mm, RedAssemblyPass Thru
77210N14StockedPass Thru Power Post, 10mm, BlackAssemblyPass Thru
77210W0210mm Pass Thru, Waterproof, RedAssemblyPass Thru
77225N02StockedPass Thru Power Post, 1/4″, RedAssemblyPass Thru
77225N14StockedPass Thru Power Post, 1/4″, BlackAssemblyPass Thru
77231CN02Pass Thru, 5/16″, Commercial, Red, OBSOLETEAssemblyPass Thru
77231CN14Pass Thru, 5/16″, Commercial, Black, OBSOLETEAssemblyPass Thru
77231N02StockedPass Thru Power Post, 5/16″ Post, RedAssemblyPass Thru
77231N05Pass Thru Power Post, 5/16″, YellowAssemblyPass Thru
77231N09Pass Thru Power Post, 5/16″, BlueAssemblyPass Thru
77231N14StockedPass Thru Power Post, 5/16″, BlackAssemblyPass Thru
77237CN02X1Pass Thru Power Post, Red, CS – Zero MCAssemblyPass Thru
77237CN14X1Pass Thru Power Post, Black, CS – Zero MCAssemblyPass Thru
77237EN02Pass Thru, 3/8″, Economy, Red, OBSOLETEAssemblyPass Thru
77237EN14Pass Thru, 3/8″, Economy, Black, OBSOLETEAssemblyPass Thru
77237N02StockedPass Thru Power Post, 3/8″, RedAssemblyPass Thru
77237N05Pass Thru Power Post, 3/8″, YellowAssemblyPass Thru
77237N09Pass Thru Power Post, 3/8″, BlueAssemblyPass Thru
77237N14StockedPass Thru Power Post, 3/8″, BlackAssemblyPass Thru