ANL Fuse Holder

Secure your ANL fuses with VTE ANL Fuse Holders, a low-cost and practical platform for over-current protection.

  •  Highly cost effective solutions for 50 – 500 amp fusing
  •  Multiple Fuse Amperage Available
  •  Fuse Holder ANB740 Max Amperage: 300 amps @ 12 vdc
  •  For fuses over 300 amp, VTE recommends the Hi-Amp ANL Fuse Holder
  •  Fuses Rated at 32 vdc. Holder Max Voltage: 48 vdc
  •  ANB740 Series accepts large and narrow slot ANL fuses
  •  ANL Fuse Kit includes fuse holder and two (2) 487 Series terminal insulators, hardware and clear center cover
  • ANL Fuses Not Included
  •  Included terminal insulators protect conductive areas from accidental shorts, complying with ABYC / USCG requirements
  •  Connection Post Material : Stainless Steel
  •  Base Material: Glass filled nylon
  •  Connection Post: Stainless steel
  •  Lock Washer: Stainless steel
  •  Flat Washer: Brass

Part NumberAvailabilityDescriptionTypeCategory
ANB740M0N02ANL Fuse Holder, Metric, Red w/ 487N9AssemblyANL
ANB740M0N14ANL Fuse Holder, Metric, Black w/ 487N9AssemblyANL
ANB740M10N02StockedANL Fuse Holder Kit, 10mm, w/ 487N9, RedAssemblyANL
ANB740M10N14ANL Fuse Holder Kit, 10mm, w/ 487N9, BlackAssemblyANL
ANB740N0N02ANL Fuse Holder, w/ 487N9, RedAssemblyANL
ANB740N0N14ANL Fuse Holder, w/ 487N9, BlackAssemblyANL
ANB740N7N02ANL Fuse Holder, w/ 487N6, RedAssemblyANL
ANB740N7N02XANL Fuse Holder, Red, Zero MtrcyAssemblyANL
ANB740N7N14ANL Fuse Holder, w/ 487N6, BlackAssemblyANL
ANB740N7N14XANL Fuse Holder, Black, Zero MtrcyAssemblyANL
ANB740N7P14ANL Fuse HolderAssemblyANL
ANB740N8N02ANL Fuse Holder, w/ 487N7, RedAssemblyANL
ANB740N8N14ANL Fuse Holder, w/ 487N7, BlackAssemblyANL
ANB740N9N02StockedANL Fuse Holder, w/ 487N8, RedAssemblyANL
ANB740N9N14StockedANL Fuse Holder, w/ 487N8, BlackAssemblyANL
ANB740X0N02CUSTOM PART ANB 740 without insulators, RedAssemblyANL
ANB740X0N14CUSTOM PART ANL 740 without insulators, BlackAssemblyANL
ANB740X10N02ANL Fuse Holder, M10, Red, No Ins.AssemblyANL
ANB740X10N14ANL Fuse Holder, M10, Black, No Ins.AssemblyANL
ANB740X1N02ANL Fuse Holder, special 4 Waytek, RedAssemblyANL
ANB740X1N14ANL Fuse Holder, special 4 Waytek, BlackAssemblyANL