ANL Fuse Holder

Secure your ANL fuses with VTE ANL Fuse Holders, a low-cost and practical platform for over-current protection.

  •  Highly cost effective solutions for 50 – 500 amp fusing
  •  Multiple Fuse Amperage Available
  •  Fuse Holder ANB740 Max Amperage: 300 amps @ 12 vdc
  •  For fuses over 300 amp, VTE recommends the Hi-Amp ANL Fuse Holder
  •  Fuses Rated at 32 vdc. Holder Max Voltage: 48 vdc
  •  ANB740 Series accepts large and narrow slot ANL fuses
  •  ANL Fuse Kit includes fuse holder and two (2) 487 Series terminal insulators, hardware and clear center cover
  • ANL Fuses Not Included
  •  Included terminal insulators protect conductive areas from accidental shorts, complying with ABYC / USCG requirements
  •  Connection Post Material : Stainless Steel
  •  Base Material: Glass filled nylon
  •  Connection Post: Stainless steel
  •  Lock Washer: Stainless steel
  •  Flat Washer: Brass

Part NumberAvailabilityDescriptionTypeCategory
ANB740M0N02ANL Fuse Holder: Red, Metric, W/ 487N9AssemblyANL
ANB740M0N14ANL Fuse Holder: Black, Metric, W/ 487N9AssemblyANL
ANB740M10N02StockedANL Fuse Holder Kit: Red, M10, W/ 487N9AssemblyANL
ANB740M10N14ANL Fuse Holder Kit: Black, M10, W/ 487N9AssemblyANL
ANB740N0N02ANL Fuse Holder: Red, W/ 487N9AssemblyANL
ANB740N0N14ANL Fuse Holder: Black, W/ 487N9AssemblyANL
ANB740N7N02ANL Fuse Holder: Red, W/ 487N6AssemblyANL
ANB740N7N02XANL Fuse Holder: Red – Zero MtrcyAssemblyANL
ANB740N7N14ANL Fuse Holder: Black, W/ 487N6AssemblyANL
ANB740N7N14XANL Fuse Holder: Black – Zero MtrcyAssemblyANL
ANB740N7P14ANL Fuse Holder: BlackAssemblyANL
ANB740N8N02ANL Fuse Holder: Red, W/ 487N7AssemblyANL
ANB740N8N14ANL Fuse Holder: Black W/ 487N7AssemblyANL
ANB740N9N02StockedANL Fuse Holder: Red W/ 487N8AssemblyANL
ANB740N9N14StockedANL Fuse Holder: Black W/ 487N8AssemblyANL
ANB740X0N02StockedANL Fuse Holder: Red – CustomAssemblyANL
ANB740X0N14ANL Fuse Holder: Black – CustomAssemblyANL
ANB740X10N02ANL Fuse Holder: Red, M10AssemblyANL
ANB740X10N14ANL Fuse Holder: Black, M10AssemblyANL
ANB740X1N02ANL Fuse Holder: Red – Custom WaytekAssemblyANL
ANB740X1N14ANL Fuse Holder: Black – Custom WaytekAssemblyANL