900 Series

Battery terminal insulators work on a large range of battery terminals. We offer 20 unique solutions to battery terminal insulation, from single and multiple cables, as well as various sizes of cabling, materials, and colours.

  • Protect terminal connections from accidental shorts
  •  Use to comply with ABYC E-9, USCG 33 Subpart I, and ISO 10133
  •  Several material options to allow this design to be used in high temperature environment
  •  Various cable entry options, to provide multiple cable possibilities
  •  Various colour options available

Part NumberAvailabilityDescriptionTypeCategory
900D9F02 Terminal Insulator, FR70, RedInsulator900 Series
900D9F14 Terminal Insulator, FR70, BlackInsulator900 Series
900D9V02 StockedTerminal Insulator, RedInsulator900 Series
900D9V09 Terminal Insulator, Dual Entry, BlueInsulator900 Series
900D9V14 StockedTerminal Insulator, BlackInsulator900 Series
900L9F02 Batt Term Insulator, Left Entry, FR70, RedInsulator900 Series
900L9F14 Batt Term Insulator, Left Entry, FR70, BlackInsulator900 Series
900L9V02 StockedBatt Term Insulator, Left Entry, RedInsulator900 Series
900L9V09 Batt Term Insulator, Left Entry, BlueInsulator900 Series
900L9V14 StockedBatt Term Insulator, Left Entry, BlackInsulator900 Series
900R9F02 Batt Term Insulator, Right Entry, FR70, RedInsulator900 Series
900R9F14 Batt Term Insulator, Right Entry, FR70, BlackInsulator900 Series
900R9V02 StockedBatt Term Insulator, Right Entry, RedInsulator900 Series
900R9V09 Batt Term Insulator, Right Entry, BlueInsulator900 Series
900R9V14 StockedBatt Term Insulator, Right Entry, BlackInsulator900 Series