222 Series

The 200 Series enjoys a long and popular history. Cost effective and efficient, this line works for many applications, and helps your products comply with industry safety standards. Available from 12mm to 34mm terminal widths, the 200 series has solutions for most applications.

  • Terminal Outside Diameter: 22mm
  • Post Height: 26.7mm
  • Inside Grip Diameter: 17.8mm
  •  Cable Entry: 1, 2, 3
  • Terminal Length:
  • – Normal: 33.5mm
  • – Extended: 44.5mm
  • Nominal Material Thickness: 1.8 mm
Part NumberAvailabilityDescriptionTypeCategory
222E1F02Terminal Insulator, 22mm, Extended Red, Fire RetardantInsulator200 Series
222E1F14Terminal Insulator, FR70, BlackInsulator200 Series
222E1V0222 mm, Extended, 18-10g Entry, RedInsulator200 Series
222E1V09Terminal Insulator, BlueInsulator200 Series
222E1V1422 mm, Extended, 18-10g Entry, BlackInsulator200 Series
222E2F02Terminal Insulator, FR70, RedInsulator200 Series
222E2F14Terminal Insulator, FR70, BlackInsulator200 Series
222E2V02Stocked22 mm, Extended, 8-2g Entry, RedInsulator200 Series
222E2V09Terminal Insulator, BlueInsulator200 Series
222E2V1422 mm, Extended, 8-2g Entry, BlackInsulator200 Series
222E3F02Terminal Insulator, FR70, RedInsulator200 Series
222E3F14Terminal Insulator, FR70, BlackInsulator200 Series
222E3T02Terminal Insulator, TPR64, RedInsulator200 Series
222E3T14Terminal Insulator, TPR64, BlackInsulator200 Series
222E3V02Stocked22 mm, Extended, 2-2/0g, RedInsulator200 Series
222E3V09Terminal Insulator, BlueInsulator200 Series
222E3V14Stocked22 mm, Extended, 2-2/0g, BlackInsulator200 Series
222N1F02Terminal Insultor, FR70, RedInsulator200 Series
222N1F14Terminal Insulator, FR70, BlackInsulator200 Series
222N1V0222 mm, Normal, 18-10g, RedInsulator200 Series
222N1V09Terminal Insulator, BlueInsulator200 Series
222N1V1422 mm, Normal, 18-10g, BlackInsulator200 Series
222N2F02Terminal Insulator, FR70, RedInsulator200 Series
222N2F14Terminal Insulator, FR70, BlackInsulator200 Series
222N2T02Terminal Insulator, TPR64, RedInsulator200 Series
222N2T14Terminal Insulator, TPR64, BlackInsulator200 Series
222N2V02Stocked22 mm, Normal, 8-2g, RedInsulator200 Series
222N2V09Terminal Insulator, BlueInsulator200 Series
222N2V1422 mm, Normal, 8-2g, BlackInsulator200 Series
222N3F02Terminal Insulator, FR70, RedInsulator200 Series
222N3F14Terminal Insulator, FR70, BlackInsulator200 Series
222N3V02Stocked22 mm, Normal, 2-2/0g, RedInsulator200 Series
222N3V09 Terminal Insulator, BlueInsulator200 Series
222N3V14 Stocked22 mm, Normal, 2-2/0g, BlackInsulator200 Series
223E3V09Terminal Insulator, BlueInsulator200 Series